Veronica Ferres & Peter Simonischek, ‚Jedermann‘ 2002
‘Jedermann: Buhlschaft gesucht!’ 25 min close.up tv documentary about the two main casts, Veronica Ferres & Peter Simonischek, in most famous historical open air theatre @Salzburg Festival in summer 2002, directed by Christian Stueckl.
Featuring ‘Jedermann’ Peter Simonischek and his beloved ‘Buhlin’ Veronica Ferres backstage – during their very first theatre rehearsals and in private life. Also starring: Brigitte Karner, Florian Stetter, Jens Harzer, Tobias Moretti.

Film & Edit Direction, Speaker, Camera: Uta G.
Edit: Nickolas Goodwin
Music: Peter Kent, Fosterkent